AARCS Lost Foster Dog Willy is home after travelling 70+ KM

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) foster dog Willy has been found after he had been missing three days, and had travelled over 70 KM from his foster home in Castleridge NE to an acreage outside of Cochrane. Willy is a very timid dog who suffers from epilepsy, so it was even scarier thinking he may be having seizures.
Volunteers and staff searched high and low for Willy, set up a Facebook search group, handed out posters and knocked on doors. After getting a phone call by a family on our Emergency phone who thought they may have Willy at their acreage, volunteers went out to pick up Willy on Tuesday evening. Willy was exhausted and finally laid down for a rest in a horse stall where he was found.
“It is always really scary when animals go missing from their home,” said Communications & Events Manager Lindsay Black. “This goes to show you to never give up hope and that miracles truly do happen! Who would’ve thought that Willy would have travelled so far in such little time.”
AARCS wants to thank everyone who searched, and shared our posts in the search for Willy.
Willy - AARCS Foster Dog

Over 65 Cats Adopted at Emergency Cat Adoption Event – Rates Extended Until July 17

AARCS had over 65 cats adopted today during our Emergency Cat Adoption Event! Thank you Alberta for coming through for us! Our doors are back open to homeless cats. 

We still have hundreds of cats that need to find new homes for so we are extending adoption prices for one more week, until July 17!! 
- Kittens under 6 months: $125
- Cats over 6 months – $25
- Seniors & Long Term Residents – Fee Waived
- Set of Kittens $200
Please visit www.aarcs.ca/adoptable-cats 
to see who we have up for adoption!

AARCS Exended prices POSTER - FINAL


Emergency Cat Adoption Event – July 11

Animal Rescue Group FULL of Felines

Animal rescues and shelters across the province have been inundated with homeless cats and kittens and adoption rates are not keeping up. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) is one of those organizations who has hit capacity and may have to shut it’s doors to new cats due to the large number currently in care. AARCS is currently caring for over 375 cats and will have to closed intake on new cats until they can make more room.  “We need to get some of the currently adoptable cats into new homes so we can rescue more.” says Deanna Thompson, AARCS Executive Director. “Kitten season is out of control this year and we are getting calls everyday to help rescue and rehome cats. The last thing we want to do is turn cats away, but every shelter has their limit.”

As a result of the increased number of cats and kittens, AARCS is encouraging the public to come forward and adopt a cat or kitten. AARCS will be having an Emergency Cat Adoption Event this Saturday, July 1th from 11 am – 2 pm at their shelter in north-east Calgary (Bay F, 3851 21 Street NE) and have reduced adoption fee on adult cats. There will also be information on fostering an animal and volunteering with the society. AARCS is calling on the community for help in finding homes for these very deserving felines and is also encouraging everyone to spay and neuter their pets. “We rely on the public, not only for financial support to care for these homeless animals, but also to provide them adoptive homes.”

In addition, AARCS will be accepting donations of dry and wet kitten food, gastro medical food, cat litter and financial donations to cover mounting veterinary bills for the homeless cats in their society.




Featured Volunteer: Anna Thompson

How can I become a volunteer? | See more volunteers

AARCS introduces Anna Thompson

What AARCS Has To Say

This beautiful soul, is Anna. For those of you who have had the opportunity to meet her, you know that Anna has a heart of gold. For MANY years, Anna has dedicated her life to AARCS and the furry ones we save, not only as a valued and integral part of the Rescue Team, but also as a board member. Over the years, Anna has put tens of thousands of kilometres in rescuing animals, often accompanied by her mom, Vi, who you may have seen on the AARCS Facebook Page.
In addition to her already busy schedule on the road, Anna has been the AARCS Treasurer for many years. Board Meetings, endless amount of paperwork, bills and everything in between, Anna handled it! While she has recently stepped away from that role, we can not thank her enough for the endless hours she invested.
Words can simply not express how much we LOVE Anna. She is always such a joy to have around and chat with! Anna, thank you so much for everything you have done for AARCS and the animals! We love you!!!