Thank You MaxGreen Windows

AARCS was chosen as MaxGreen Windows charity of choice for 2014. For every window sold in 2014 they donated $5, as well as raising money through a Facebook campaign. In total the raised $11,000! Thank you Adam and your crews, this will go a long way to helping the homeless animals of Alberta.
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Featured Volunteer: Rebecca Lantz

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AARCS introduces Rebecca

What AARCS Has To Say


We are pleased to announce our Volunteer of the month for February, Rebecca.

Rebecca has been with us for almost a year now, and has been such a wonderful asset to the AARCS Family. Starting out as a Dog Caregiver, for the first few month Rebecca was in every morning (monday to Friday) at 8 am. Most of those days she would be here for the entire morning! Rebecca was also involved with transport and our events. We could always count on her to help us out in a pinch!

Since then Rebecca’s role has evolved into being the assistant to the Foster Home Manager, processing new dog licenses and covering the position while our Foster Home Manager was away on vacation.

Thank you Rebecca for all of your hard work and time invested into the organization. Your dedication has not gone unnoticed and we hope you will be part of the organization for many, many years.

A Few Words From Rebecca

I started volunteering with AARCS this past August as a dog caregiver and in only six short months AARCS had become a huge part of my life. Being a part of such an outstanding organization has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people and some truly resilient animals. I have seen some bad cases come in and to see them through their recovery is remarkable. It is amazing how a small group of people with the same mindset and drive can achieve such big things. I am fortunate enough in only my short time here with AARCS to have been apart of many different areas within the organization, and I can easily say how important each and every aspect is to keep things running smoothly. Volunteering as a foster home is one of the most rewarding ways I have been able to give back though AARCS, each foster I bring home has taken a piece of my heart with them. It’s not always easy to let them go but to see the sigh of relief on their face the night you bring them home knowing they will never have to worry again is a reward in itself. Whether it’s puppies, medical cases or adults, seeing each dog from the day they come into the shelter until they are adopted is an incredible journey. I have loved every minute spent with the AARCS family and look forward to spending many more doing my part with AARCS. 

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