AARCS Rescues Charles

Charles was brought into AARCS care just over a week ago. We got a call about a dog at the dump with a very bad open wound on his back. Rescue crews left the next day to find this sweet boy and get him the medical help he needed. When rescuers got there he walked out as though he knew they were there to help him. Charles was loaded into the vehicle and on his way back to Calgary. The original prognosis was that the wound was too large to close up but thanks to the amazing vets at Fish Creek Vet they were able to close it up which will make Charles’ healing time much shorter and less painful. When he first came in we had no clue what could have caused a wound to this extreme, after a week in foster care though Charles decided to have a good shake and a 22 shell fell out of his shoulder. We also found a bullet hole through his ear. This leads us to believe the wound on the back has something to do with being shot. Although this boy has been through so much in his life he is one of the sweetest dogs you will meet and loves nothing more than lounging on the couch getting pets. In order to help more dogs like Charles we need YOUR help. Please volunteer, if you can’t volunteer – please foster, if you can’t foster – please donate, if you can’t donate – please network!

Problems With Our Online Applications

We are currently having some technical difficulties with our online application forms.  If you have submitted a volunteer/foster/adoption application and have not heard from us within 24-48 hours of submitting the form, please contact us via email.

For foster home applications – foster@aarcs.ca

For Volunteer applications – volunteer@aarcs.ca

For Dog Adoption applications – adoption@aarcs.ca

For Cat Adoption applications – catadoptions@aarcs.ca

Thanks for your patience!


Featured Volunteers: Lindsay & Jeff

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AARCS introduces Lindsay & Jeff

What AARCS Has To Say

We are so pleased to announce Lindsey and Jeff as our Volunteers of the month for December.

These two have been a huge part of the foster team and are always willing to help out no matter what.
Lindsey and Jeff have fostered a little bit of everything, you name it they have had it!. Puppies, kittens, medical cases, shy and timid or just some high energy. You will see Lindsey and Jeff out at adoption events always showing off their fosters. They will do whatever it takes to find these dogs the perfect forever home.
We are so lucky to have Lindsey and Jeff as part of the team. Thank you guys for all your dedication to the animals!

A Few Words From Lindsay & Jeff

My husband Jeff and I started foster with AARCS just over a year ago now.  We never expected for it to impact our lives as dramatically has it has.  We absolutely love doing what we do.  I have always been involved with animals and have been involved with them my whole life, from having family pets from birds to horses.  Jeff has always loved animals but never had the amazing gift of sharing his earlier years with them, he enjoys there company and companionship.

Our first foster was a real challenge, his name was Chandler.  A small frightened feral pup.  It was a real challenge but very rewarding experience.  We really got a true feel for what AARCS is really about.

I love being the bridge for the pets on there journey to a new home.  I have already had the opportunity to be on the news with one foster Journey who had been caught in a leg trap.  Met some amazing  volunteers, fosters and employees at AARCS.  We have had a very close bond with Bowdog Canine Specialists.  They have been there for us to help with daycare, training classes and getting some of the endless pent up energy some of our fosters.

We are happy to say we have had one foster fail to complete our family.  Our eldest dog (first rescue) Bobo, first took to Sykes and accepted her into our pack.  Even though she was an endless ball of energy, with no manners and no boundaries.  Bobo made the right choice accepting her into our family and we couldn’t ask for a better companion and Sykes was there to support us during the hard times after Bobo’s passing.

We are happy to report we have been able to help 11 dogs and 1 cat successfully find there forever homes.  We love AARCS and will continue to support them, we love fostering and most of all being part of this tight knit family.

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