12 Year Old Girl Helps Rescue a Litter of Pups!

Tonight I was up in Red Deer to pick up some rescue pups for AARCS and had the pleasure of meeting a most extraordinary young woman!  At 12 years old, Madison is responsible for getting 8 puppies from a rural home in northern Saskatchewan all the way to us in Calgary.

During her summer break, Madison was visiting family living about 5 hours straight north of North Battleford, SK.  During her stay, she met a lady who had two un-spayed females who had both given birth to a litter of puppies about the same time.  The owner didn’t want the pups and as they quit nursing her plan was to let them starve to death.  As horrifying as this is, the composure with which this young lady spoke of it was well beyond her years.

By her own words, Madison “loves all living things” and was determined not to let this happen.  Having met AARCS liaison Criss Gerwing from Red Deer through her interest in rescue, she made the call to see if we could take them in.  She said the 8 hour trip back to her home with 8 puppies was “definitely an experience”.

We asked what we could do about getting the two females spayed so this didn’t happen again and she said that unfortunately, the owner’s intent was to “kill” those dogs as well.  Again, showing maturity and understanding of the realities of working in rescue that many adults can’t muster, she knew that at least she had saved these 8 and recognized that while she couldn’t save everyone; her one act of rescue was everything to these pups!

After a few more coordinating texts, arrangements were made for Madison to bring the puppies one more hour from her home to Red Deer and meet up with AARCS transport.  By midnight, the 8 puppies were fed, watered and sound asleep in their kennels at Safe Haven.  They’ll be vetted, moved into foster care until they’re old enough to be altered and then be available for adoption!

Thank you Madison!  You are an inspiration and the rescue world is lucky to have you!

~ Niki Vlooswyk, AARCS Transport Coordinator

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